Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilty Cottage Progress

It's shaping up nicely now, isn't it? An island in the kitchen for baking hundreds and hundreds of sugar cookies shaped like the state of Texas or a wedding cake or a flower or a snowman and chocolate covered pretzels and loaves of banana you smell cinnamon?---oh forgive me, I was carried away.

You see my friend is a very talented baker and I'm hoping she'll make herself at home over here and keep me company in my little cottage, perhaps save some batter for me. Although it looks like I'm eyeing up all that workspace for myself...


See, this is why I'm quite content with my side of the room. An industrial-sized cutting table!
Seven yards of that Anna Maria Horner Little Folks you say? No problem! How much oilcloth is on the bolt? I'll just roll it out right here. Quilting projects and sewing? Fully loaded with outlets! And! Okay, now I'm just gloating. I'll stop. I'm done. Enough.

Here's my latest love, no not Boudreaux, he's an old love. It's a half hexagon quilt from magikquilter and aneela's tutorials. It began with a comment to Rosie on the Fabric Shopper Online. I admired the hexi quilt and moaned something about getting enough english paper piecing hexes done to cover a journal after laboring days and weeks and months and seasons. Well, she wasn't used to such pessimism ... must not have known I have the outlook of Eeyore and the attention span of Tigger. But I so want to be Pooh. Anyway, that got me thinking about a half hexagon cheat. More on that as it progresses...I'm finding that I can't get away from my slack ways with meticulous cutting and seam allowances, cheat or no.

And lastly, I'm planning on going to the First Monday Trade Days at Canton, TX this weekend.
I know my way around the place pretty well, but if anybody has some great vintage fabric sellers they'd like to point me to, I'm listening!


  1. oh, that table. It's sick. I am sick. I want to lay all over it. Hmm, crazy English woman laying all over the table. Might upset your neighbours.

    You go with your hexes. Great minds think alike, you know, I am also hexing it up at the minute...old fashioned way though. I slacked off with the half hexes (and then had to hide the evidence). What fabrics you using????

  2. Oh! I miss Canton!! April is the perfect month, too. Hope you found plenty of treasures :)

  3. That table is devine!! I'd sell my boy's wheelchair for that table. They're worth about the same. You don't think they'd mind if I send him to school in a wagon? :)