Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping the Canton Flea Market

Ro has a list for a scavenger hunt: 3 commemorative state plates, a vase made out of an animal, a pop gun....
kept her busy.

Iron beds. They just need a little love...and sanding....
Ms. C tried a fried Snickers bar---I think she regretted it soon afterwards.A collection of microphones

Our Louisiana friends at the traditional Thursday night Mexican Dinner Get Together. There's a bunch of us, huh?
Oh, and I found vintage quilts and linens and embroidered pieces....bins and bins of them!
Some found their way home with me. More on that later.


  1. oh goodness, I love a flea market trip! will need to plan one this summer!!

    also wanted to let you know I mailed my Give a Kid a Quilt yesterday! posted a pic on my blog if you care to have a peek!!

  2. We had some laughs, threw a frisbee (yes, that was Dana doing it with Lanee), knocked back a few, and hugged some puppies. Life has some really good moments.

  3. fried snickers? Oh no - that is not a good idea.

    More pics please, missus....I need to see the quilty lineny goodies!

    ps - Louisiana mexican dinner tradition? Sounds like fun!

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  5. Got the pics as far as flickr: