Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feelin' Stitchy

Well I've gone and done it.  Reached for a few new projects with no hope of finishing all the other works in progress anytime this month   this spring....   soon.  How did I manage to get so sidetracked by this little blanket stitch?It started innocently enough.  I could manage that stitch much better than a hidden applique stitch for the center of my giant hexy quilt.   I've done seven centers now (still have whatever half-hexes are left to fill it out), 

then I found a pair of holey  jeans (intentionally fashionable holey, but I decided I'm a little long in the tooth to pull that off), made a patch, decorated my $4.00 target pants all hippy-dippy and I'm making slow and steady progress on a broderie-perse applique throw for my mother.

I picked up the blanket stitch from a great little book, Sublime Stitching, which is not only eye candy, but loaded with great tutorials and patterns.    I look at this book and I think  "I WANT!"

Oh and that nifty tool box with "EMB. thread" scrawled across the side of it, complete with embroidery floss wound around toilet paper holders, circa 1974?  I found that in this old house we bought.  It's such a treasure, I haven't had to buy my own embroidery supplies yet.   That's one of my favorite things about  that old house, come to think of it.

You know, the cutest fabric roll came in the mail today.  They called it a "cupcake" because it was smaller than a jellyroll.  Strips of Freshcut from Heather Bailey.  Think I'm going to abandon this hand sewing thing for a while and maybe start a new quilt top...
or maybe I'll just make cupcakes...that sounds good too.


  1. Oh my. Everything looks good though!

  2. This too will pass, I myself went through the very same phase and managed to stop myself blanket stitching around everything by side tracking myself with crocheting around everything, so think of yourself as a WOP and something else will soon come along to obsess you, it's the way of the sewer/crafter.

  3. Blanket stitch around everything!
    I picture everything with a little stitch outlining it now!