Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whadja get? Whadja get?

Last week seemed a bit like a bust--all the anticipation and then a lack luster launch at Target for the Liberty line. I found a bit of stationery, some candles and a piggy bank. But that was about it. No clothing, no rain hat or boots or gloves. No housewares, no teapot (!).

After trawling thru the net, I found similar stories. Some folks saw the early birds overloading their carts with all those little casters could bear, surely ebay $$ gleaming in their eyes. And yes, over to the auction site, there was the cushion marked up to three times the Target price. The online store was sold out of about half the inventory as of the following Monday.

So I ordered a bit of the picked over stuff online, and tried to console myself with my stationery.

But I got a little text from my sis in Louisiana yesterday chirping about the Liberty Loot she was finding at her local Target. Seems the folks have just been a little relaxed about putting it all out. Launch - schmaunch, they said to themselves.

On my second trip to scout out the Liberty booty, I scored! I could choose between the Sixty print or the Dunclare. Got some ties, some prep bowls and cereal bowls and a swimsuit, a scarf, a maxidress...forgot the gardening gloves entirely! But maybe since it's snowing here (again) on the first day of spring, those will not have been picked over...forgot entirely, oh my.

So, whadja get?


  1. I didn't show up to Target until Saturday and I scored pretty well, I think:

    Several outfits for the two year old
    A blouse for myself
    A watering can (SO CUTE - it's inspired me to paint the black iron table on my front porch a complementary color, so they can enjoy one another's company
    Boots that I will use as flower pots
    Gardening gloves that I will also use as flower pots (I'll nail each glove to a fence post and plant a little petunia or something in it

    Cute stuff! I'm glad your return visit turned out better. I'm wondering what they are going to do with the cardboard displays hanging from the ceilings? I want them.

  2. What a trooper... Cute stuff and cute girl.

  3. I want the displays, too!! I had thought of dumpster diving for them.
    That's not weird, right?
    Haven't seen the gloves, yet--I'm very jealous, and great ideas for the gardening.

    As for ms. C., yes, she is up for almost anything, but I had to bribe her for that one!