Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Martha and a little give away

I've been composing a letter in my head all week to Martha, the Martha Stewart, maven of all things domestic, Martha of the magazine, the daily show, her own line of hobby know the one.
Last week she had Chandra Wilson on for a chat and to show us how to make a baby quilt for the charity Chandra is promoting, Quilts for Kids. I had seen the promo and my heart had picked up a beat when I noticed the Heather Ross Frog Prince fabrics she was going to use (squeal!). Somehow, I got busy with laundry--or dishes, or the UPS guy getting eaten by my very ferocious dog, or something. And I came in on the last sewing part of the segment. So I did what any fabric enthusiast would do, I rewound back to the beginning where she talks about the lovely double- gauze -japanese -import designed by the ever-so-talented Heather Ross whom she had featured on her show in July for a segment on elastic thread sewing.

Now of course, I already knew this about the fabric before I ever touched that remote. I just needed to hear her say it.
That's not weird, right?
Well, I'll tell you the introduction these remarkable textiles got:
"We'll start with these, er, soft cotton fabrics."
I'm paraphrasing--probably. But you get the point.
I've been trying to let it go all week. That would be a little bizarre to get a letter and maybe some swatches with a short essay on the strides modern quilting fabrics have made in the last few years, wouldn't it?
But doesn't she need to know?
Double gauzes, japanese imports, hedgehogs and gnomes, flannels and voiles...
Has she touched a laminated cotton? Or experienced the rich cotton sateen of the home dec lines? Does she ever visit flickr groups for modern quilters?
It's really just a public service announcement, folks. For the good of all of her followers.

Anyway, I just got some super cute BOY fabrics that I'd like to share with someone inspired to make a boy quilt for Quilts for Kids or Give a Kid a Quilt, your choice. You need to provide batting and backing and binding and be willing to ship it at your expense. The guidelines for each charity are a little different, so check them out!
The fabric is from Kokka's Petite Ecole Train Station in Navy. It is a panel style print and I'm giving away one yard to the first commenter who wants it and is willing to donate their time and talents to a worthy children's quilt charity. Make sure I can contact you when you leave your comment!
Oh, heck, if there is a lot of interest, I'll probably put something together for a few commenters, so don't not comment!

Now back to Dear Martha...


  1. really? She said 'er...soft cottons'? she didn't gasp just a little and then sigh a then go all misty eyed when she touched them? Not even a little bit? *sigh* it's your duty, contact the woman. Do it.

    Now, I think I'm number 1. I've lurked about a little just in case someone else snuck in. That fabric is too lovely, you know I'd love to make a charity quilt!

  2. You win! Katy girl, you win!
    I don't have much to go with it, 'cept maybe an aqua dot. Don't have much for boys. But it will be in good hands with you!
    I've pulled out your ABC's and I'll start on that as well.

  3. Hi my sister sent me over to sign up...she is working on a quilt for this cause and thought we should do this together! i see im not #1, but i thought i would say hi...Im a new quilter and i think i could do something with this big panel if you decided to put together another bundle!
    blrohloff at aol dot com

  4. Hi blrohloff,
    I sent you an email and if you leave me your address there, I'll mail you a train station panel!