Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SpoonFlower Update

Spoonflower is a really cool site that allows anyone to design their own custom fabric. Some indy designers work with them and create entire ranges, but anyone can submit their design, choose a base cloth and order up some yardage.

Really neat concept. Me, I just likes to shop there.
Recently Heather Ross worked with them and released some really fun variations of some of her out of print greatest hits. I grabbed a couple of gnome prints and some purple toadstools. See my unscientific experiment below.
Earlier today, I contacted Spoonflower about the fabric fading problem and they got back to me within hours, offering a full refund and apologies. They are working diligently to isolate the problem and remedy it. Seems to be an errant batch of pigment?

And there's also this from a flickr thread from Steven at Spoonflower:
I posted this once in another Flickr thread, but from a technical standpoint it is useful to know that Retayne and similar products are intended to be used with dyed fabric. Spoonflower does not use dyes in printing, but instead uses eco-friendly pigment inks. Pigments do not respond to vinegar or chemicals used to help set dyes. Those treatments may make the problem worse. Using mild, phosphate-free detergent when washing our fabric is recommended. A small amount of fading and what is called 'crocking' (where color may rub off of the fabric) is normal for pigments. A lot of fading and crocking that impacts the quality of the finished product is NOT normal. Bleeding is also not an issue with pigments as it can be with dyes that are not set properly. If anyone has any questions about this, please email us at help [at]

Good to know, it isn't dye, don't use vinegar or Retayne.

I do hope they work out the bugs in the raisin gnomes range. I really need that more than I had realized (before it existed...). But for now, I'm leaving my reimbursed money in their coffers...because I remember seeing about a hundred other things over there that I really need to own.

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