Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fancy Schmancy Zoo of Love

Well, there's some new blood in the old family tree, and to welcome the little mister to the family, I made him a quilt from Michael Miller free quilt patterns, Giraffes, Elephants, and Hippos! Oh My! (Oh, yes, much inspired by Katy's version here)
I didn't have all of the kiddy prints they used in their version, so I opted for a lot of Love, because my animals live in a very fancy zoo, you see. Hmmm, and I didn't quite follow the pattern now that I'm seeing Katy's. Hate instructions! Just look at the pictures and go with it, right?
Actually I was wanting to tackle this quilt pattern and jonesing to cut into the Love stash, and I thought it was a fun spin. I do wish I were a really good stippler. I wanted to stipple all around the big animals. ...and you know I tried, like some one who doesn't have good sense. Let's learn to free motion quilt right here and now! Worth a try, because I always think that if I up the ante I will really follow through. But I ended up quilting around the animals in a wavy line farther and farther out each time. The back is a Heather Bailey's new Hop Dot in Sky, very sweet.
So there it is, fun, simple and sweet.
Happy Birthday, Joseph Paul!


  1. the animals in AB love?! Oh my gosh, that's awesome.

    You are quilting like a mad woman at the minute - I think you got hooked ;)

  2. Well, hello there!
    Might as well sew, everything here is frozen!

  3. v nice...v simple, fun and sweet for sure!