Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day Pavlova, a first for us.
Littlest one came home from school Friday with a fist full of recipes for us to try: Lamingtons, damper, pavlova...
One thing to note is that "corn flour" is corn starch--not corn meal (ew! in meringue?).

Her class is researching Australia for their International Fair next week. Each grade has its own country it represents. And the kids get a passport and have it stamped at each "country".
On another Australian note,--boomerangs, bush tucker, platypus and Holden cars...sorry, lots of trivia still floating around the noggin.

I'll try that again: on another note, I have finally received some hand printed textiles from that ace designer, Shannon Lamden, a.k.a. Aunty Cookie and I'm getting them into the shop slowly but surely. I ordered them way back in October. First they had to be, well, made, I suppose, as each order is unique. Then they had to be shipped. Seamail, which sounds like a great adventure. But they're here! They're here!


  1. do you not have pavlova over there? REALLY? Well, that's just wrong.

    Yes, corn meal would be quite wrong. Nasty.

    I love those AUnty Cookie prints. *sigh* I suppose I will have to get some when my allowance gets paid in (it's crap being a kept woman)

  2. I am TOTALLY a fabric snob too. I haven't made it to Aunty Cookie yet as I just can't justify the expense!

  3. Hi Dana,

    I wish I knew about your daughter's project sooner, I could've sent her some ridgie didge, true blue, Aussie stuff!

    Katy, you're too funny, wish I had an allowance!!

    Kelly :-)