Saturday, May 15, 2010

Charmed, I'm sure

Summer Circles quilt for my little hometown quilt challenge.  Theme is hometown summer, size is less than 24 inches.  Must use some amount of mystery fabric--which was the red gingham.  All together, very fun, tried my skills out at hand applique (that blanket stitch again), and hand quilting.  Do you ever have those fantasy conversations in your head where for whatever reason, you're on Oprah, declaring, "oh really, Oprah, it was nothing.  I just think of fabulous things like this while I'm stirring up the pancake mix for the children in the morning.  I mean granola...I make my own, you know.  I'm just a multi-tasking whiz like that, I suppose.  Yup.  I guess you're right.  I'm really something."

You don't do that?  That's just me?
Okay.  Fair enough.

I can't even take credit for the original design.  I saw it here:  and I was floored, and inspired, and whipped up my own.

Went to drop it off yesterday, and they were so sweet, really.  And supportive.  Which prompted me to quickly qualify my offerings--
"I'm a beginner!!"
I spied the stack of mini quilts from my competitors and asked if I may....
Oh.  They were gorgeous, inspired, perfections of points and embroidery and applique and whatever you call it when you make your own fabric by painting it?  And I will post them here later when I can snag pictures of them hanging in shop windows.

So my little Oprah bubble smacked up against the hard unforgiving wall of reality and I wandered back home more than a little awestruck at the talent in my little hometown.  And inspired and what's that feeling you get when you feel like you need to tackle about a kazillion blocks and techniques and tutorials...

I think my beginner quilts can be called "charming."
I like that.
Charming.  Suits me for now.

And last night while carefully parsing out my time between Pointy Beaks on Flying Geese, and piecing a humongous back for my Hexy Love quilt, I scheduled a little what the heck time for something small and cute and spontaneous.  Instant gratification.  We all need a little of that sometimes.

Just a little potholder, I think.  

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  1. Yes. I do it too. Martha usually, though. I'm whipping up some amazing creation (that in real life I am nowhere near capable of), and she's come round to my house (it's a beauty - not the house I really live in, there's a huge garden for a start, and an aga in the kitchen) to interview me. We laugh and chat over tea and an amazing cake I whipped up (which proves it's not really me). Oh, we have such fun. Martha even tells me she wishes she could produce quilts as lovely. And she says it off camera too, and means it. *sigh*

    I'll take charming with you though. But not whimsical. Please not that, I am very wary of being told I'm full of whimsy (doesn't that just mean I'm a bit odd?)