Thursday, November 26, 2009

Louisiana Thanksgiving

Snippets from our family holiday...

Chloe is in charge of sweet potato pies...

Ro chases mama's chickens, Pawpy gets two quilts for his birthday, one for pretty, one for warm (we'll call it "quaint")...

Uncles play nephews in uncle cabe strains his "serratus" muscles (ouch), and is renamed Festus.....Chloe pokes the chickies for better egg production. I have another child, by the way. She is somewhere texting some one, telling them all about her Louisiana adventures.

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  1. you have one of those children that spends the whole time texting? I pick mine up from school, where she has walked out with her friend and spoken to her all the way to the car, then texts her the whole way home. Now she says she wants facebook so she can talk to her friends. What, even more than you talk to them already? When would you sleep, child?
    Evil Mama says no. Child says 'but even (insert name that I have since forgotten) has facebook and he's a nerd, but not a clever one, just a proper nerd'. *sigh*