Saturday, October 31, 2009

My very second quilt in progress.

I called it a HopScotch pattern after TreeFall's quilt she talks about here

I took this pic from the top of my stairs looking down on the foyer floor and I am seeing it anew from that perspective. I do see more of the values than the prints now. Blues and greens, always my soothing go-to colors. Some Anna Maria, some Amy Butler, and Jen Paganelli and a splash of pineapple brocade from H. Bailey.
Excited to sew it up. Must look up how to sew it up. No, not following a tutorial, or pattern, per se. Are you not surprised? No, you shouldn't be anymore. Here's my rationale: I search free motion quilting, I see three different feet used, twenty different threads recommended and debates about to hoop or not to hoop (using embroidery machine). On Ohfrannson's tutorials, she spends a page defending her method of ironing her seams (flat and center, if you must know) and she must be quite the expert. Amazing quilts.
So since I am confused, have the attention span of my pup, Ru--are we going for a walk? Do I smell sausages? Is that the UPS truck?
Actually that's a lot like my stream of consciousness.
Where was I? I don't remember...but, as long as grandma mc can't see my work up close, and I can just buzz thru some sewing, everybody's happy, right? No one got hurt, right?

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