Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been a wet fall, Y'all...

My hay bale has a jaunty little green crew cut. This is a bale we put out for "eco-friendly" (read cheap and handy) seating for a party we had last week. Er, nobody actually got to sit on it, as we hurriedly moved the party inside and on porches when the rain set in. And it rained, and drizzled and sprinkled...sometimes, there was just a moist fog clinging to the air, wrapping it's tendrils around my tendrils, causing them to become a voluminous halo around my head...a frizzy halo.
A virtual rain forest in North Texas. For a good two to four weeks, off and on.
So I've never seen a hay bale sprout new growth. It's kind of cute. Does remind me of hair.
But really nice well-behaved straight hair. Maybe I'll ask it what products it recommends.

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