Monday, August 16, 2010

Etsy Goodness

When I spent a week in Louisiana this summer catching up with my family,  I was quite taken with my SIL's lovely utilitarian gadgets, some vintage, some used in a slightly eccentric way.   Jadeite juicers and beautiful bottles to dispense fabric softener for the laundry, lots of enamel pots and scoops.   I kinda wanted to squeeze lots of citrus fruits and wash loads of dirty clothes. 

 Maybe that was the Tom Sawyer psychology behind it.  Worked on me.
  I sat down at her kitchen table to find my own juicer, by gum.  And Etsy delivered.  This metal stand juicer was from atticfinder on etsy.  I liked the red color, the scratchy paint (which doesn't contact the food )  and the "DeLuxe" promise inscribed.  It works like a vise, clamping down on that lemon and yielding every bit of juice it has to offer.  I've actually had a lot worse results with modern gadgets. 
It's a keeper.

Whilst I was looking for interesting vintage kitchen things, I got completely distracted by sparkly shiny things, of course.  
This beauty is an enamel floral brooch from AllieEtCie.  Allie is a lovely shopowner, also at etsy, who carries all sorts of vintage goodies, including mirrors, porcelain, pottery, and a very retro bar set I have my eye on.  Allie was a great help from start to follow up.  Give her a visit this week.

I'm also collecting old Ball jars with the zinc lids with some idea of putting a pump dispenser in them so that pumping out some dish detergent to tackle a sink full of  bowls and glasses will be a real Martha moment for me.

Vintage, it's a good thing.

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  1. I love that juicer! And I can imagine the many mornings of fresh orange juice it has provided over the years. :) I have a hankering for a jadeite one, myself. I've been trying to hold out until I find one at a thrift store, although I may have to break down and buy one online.