Saturday, September 26, 2009

FOUND: the cutest pupper ever

Last week as we were driving home from a Sunday outing, we saw a small yellow furball run across the road and into the woods. "It's a puppy!" And, knowing all the doggies in the neighborhood and their roaming habits, was suspicious that this little guy didn't have a home.
So, long story short, we took puppy home with us and became quite attached, as he had the coolest little personality, not to mention uncommonly beautifully eyes. Realizing I couldn't keep one more animal, I sent one of my best galpal's a quick email (and this picture). "Blond haired, blue eyed, what is Pupper Williams doing in the road? You need to come get your pupper!"
Now, this friend, the Mrs. Williams of the family, has not owned a dog since I've known her these some years, so I didn't think it would go very far.
Her response: Serious to God, you have that dog?
hmmmm, more interest than I thought...
But she is traveling. It may take a while to talk to her hubby and really consider this.
Next day: Is that guy at your house? Hubby is in!
two hours later: I'm rethinking this. I don't know about owning a dog.
thirty minutes later: I have got to have that damn dog! U still got him?
Yes, and I'm just rolling up to your house!
She is still not back from Boston, so I deliver Pupper Williams to Hubby who point at me and says "This one pulled a fast one with that email!"
Awww. How cute is this puppy? They named him Kirby and he's actually quite a dork, throwing himself headlong into unsuspecting bushes and refusing to walk on a leash.
Oh, and he has a brother....If you just really need a cutie pie.

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