Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alternative Sunday

This weekend, got a call from one of my best galpals and fellow etsian, BeadNRocks owner, Sus. She hatched a plan to go down to Dallas' Deep Ellum for lunch to a spot she had seen on Diners, Dives and Drive Thrus (Food Network) or some such show with those words in perhaps a different order.  Now, here I should state (disclaimer) that Sus is very hip and trendy, staying up with, if not ahead of her 14 year old daughter on all the screamo progressive metal bands in the area.  I am not.  But I do have an alternative uniform for such occasions:  a graphic t-shirt sporting something ironic, cutoff jeans and mary jane sneakers claiming to be made from recycled tires.  So that I do not scream suburban-housewife-

who-hasn’t-seen-Deep Ellum-in-the-dark-since-the-senior-bush-was-in-office at all.  

At this point, I’m thinking--I Am Embracing Urban.  This is expanding our horizons and I need to tell my children about all things urban and anti-Gap and why people don’t straighten their hair here.  In case they ever run into it again, they can process it. 

So we arrive at the “dive” a little later than friends, and we know it is the chosen dive because there is a line out the front door half a block long...full of suburban housewives with graphic t-shirts, recycled stuff...tourists like me.  Friends have been waiting an hour and haven’t ordered or been encouraged in any way that they may, in fact, be offered food at some point.  Now I am sad that our  great little foray into alternative neighborhood on a Sunday has become another Disney debacle.  Hardly alternative at all when you’re elbow to elbow with the same yahoos you see at Salt Grass.

So I vote that we go to the taco lounge across the street (no line).  We are seated immediately (YAY) and are offered chips (we are so far ahead of the tourists! We’re Winning!)Anyway, good lunch, good times and the waitress was so truly alternative I studied her so I could get it right next time.

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